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1615 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


We love to fill our walls with artwork that inspires us. Our gallery space is a home for inclusive, passionate,  local artists to share work with a community whom we know will truly connect with each piece. We display work of all mediums and welcome you to visit anytime - dive into a new collection that will make you think, help you grow, and bring you peace.


Explore current and pass collections below.

 Currently Showing 

Darla McGraw | Lost & Found

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Based in Los Angeles, Darla McGraw explores the small moments between us. The beautiful, completely chaotic moments full of joy and whimsy. The ones you have trouble explaining or can’t seem to tell anyone else about. She embraces color and texture as conversation, striving for sense and balance within and to each other.

We stumbled across Darla's work and were instantly enamored. The life she infuses into each of her pieces can be felt so rawly. It's magic. We are so incredibly excited to live in this color.

You can explore her art on her website and her instagram.



Jessie Coleman | Auscultation

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Jessie Coleman's incredibly engaging, multi-media exhibition is coming! In this collection she is exploring the relationship between performer and audience, and the wondrous way auditory responses pass from one body to another allowing large groups to inhabit the same interior sound space. This will be our most involved, expansive exhibition to date! 


Ashley St. George | Self

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In Ashley's words: "It all started when I would put on performances with my brothers for the neighborhood at the age of 6. Or when we would take my father's camcorder and make our own movies. Or when I started children's theatre at the age of 11 and found my calling. Or when I discovered and watched my first Marilyn Monroe film and became mesmerized. Art for me is being vulnerable at its very core. To be human is to feel everything. I love telling stories through film and poetry through images."

· · ·

Master Svietliy | Tongdrol (Liberation by Sight)

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This will be a night to remember. We are so excited for you all to see Svietliy's new exhibition! In his own words, he wanted to share the message below //

When you see a piece of sacred art you have the seed of Enlightenment placed in your heart. In Tibetan, this is called "Tongdrol" meaning "Liberation by Sight." Sacred art offers guidance and hope. It is the language we use to speak to the universe. This is the artwork I have created, and I am honored to share it with you all.

In Sacred Buddhist art, correct measurements are incredibly important and respected. From this, Sacred Geometry was born. With the influence and guidance of Sutra and Tantra traditions, these shapes and their proportions were developed over many centuries and are very important in Buddhist artwork.

Most Buddhist art functions as "rten" (literally translated as “supports”). The artwork is a physical embodiment of enlightenment. This art comes in the form of sacred statues, buildings (stupas), and scriptures. Paintings that depict enlightened beings in their bodily form are considered sku rten (body supports). Yantras are another form this sacred art can take.

Yantras are quite complex and personal. A Yantra is a Sacred Symbol - a sort of plan that exists for you within the Universe. Yantras have been used as tools for awakening consciousness for thousands of years. The Yantra is an external representation of your inner process of spiritual unfolding. It is the hidden music of the universe made visible. Yantra is the language with which we speak to the Universe.

For a sacred object to fully function as rten it has to be ceremonially imbued with the spirit of enlightenment by means of a ritual consecration ceremony (rab gas). I have spent the past months creating sacred artwork blessed in this way.

Join me on December 14th to engage with these new paintings, sculptures, and Yantras. I am so happy to invite you to see my works and let the Seed of Enlightenment be placed in Your Heart.

- Master Svietliy

· · ·

Chelsea Boxwell & Sarah Collins | Lucid Ecdysis

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These wonderful women are planning a collaborative showcase that will bring their shared multi-media explorations together as a magical, evening with a month long showcase. To kick off this collections presence at the studio, Chelsea and Sarah have a lovely evening planned with music and drinks for all.

· · ·

Paula Neves | Sunday Mornings

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Paula's "Sunday Morning Series" spend a wonderful month in our space. Originally from Brazil, and now based in Los Angeles, Paula is a 26 years old filmmaker and photographer. Her passion is to create content that matters and to capture real and candid moments. In photos or film. she's fascinated by the human body and how we communicate our emotions through it. 

We feel so in line with her approach to really building a relationship between herself and each individual she photographs. Her want to develop trust and, through this trust, reveal truth is something all of our artists strive to do with their work as well. Her images speak volumes, and it was an honor to spend our days surrounded by them.

· · ·

Daniel Dehnert  | Untitled

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We hosted Daniel’s "Velvet" collection in September of 2019. His love of photography began at age 10, when he held his first wind up camera. Since then he’s been impelled to explore the temporality of memory and movement through any lens he can get behind.


His practice began with portraits of his family (his great-grandmother being the first) and has moved out from there as his concepts became more involved. Recently, Daniel has been fascinated with trying to capture private moments; the tenderness within the tiny acts of vulnerability that show themselves when nobody else its watching.


This all gave life to his current ongoing project, the aptly-named "Polaroid". By turning his eye to subjects from all races, shapes, genders, sexuality, "Polaroid" aims to strip away a mountain of constructs to expose the beauty of truth. In addition, his editorial work allows the viewer to connect with the subject in an emotional way.


He plays with natural lighting and everyday locations to expand his connection to reality. Daniel has found his voice in photographer and continues to grow his his connection to the art and his subjects.

His new collection "Velvet" will be on exhibition through September 30th. Come visit anytime to explore the work and pick-up your own print!

· · ·

Handsome Girl Designs| For Summer

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In July of 2019 we were so grateful to get to share our studio with someone who's soul and artwork embodies so many of our passions - Handsome Girl Designs, the artist behind the scenes being Bridget Moore.

Bridget Moore is a Los Angeles based artist who is better known under the moniker, Handsome Girl. She mainly focuses on digital illustrations revolving around intersectional feminism, body positivity and female empowerment. Her design path started as a therapeutic outlet for her own eating disorder, in which she secretly struggled on and off with for over 15 years. Moore started drawing as a way to celebrate the beauty of her own body and other women’s bodies.


Celebrating all the different shapes, shades and experiences beauty can come in. She later moved on to adding in playful takes on sexual health, snacks, and positive affirmations. All things that have been fundamental elements in her personal recovery and her ongoing journey to practice radical self-love and appreciation for all the diverse beauty in this world. Follow her on instagram @handsomegirlsdesigns!

· · ·

Justine Serebrin | Sacred Seas

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It was only fitting our beloved owner be the first to display her beautiful Sacred Seas collection at the opening of our gallery in June of 2019. This colorful collection of joyous life brought such wonderful energy to our space.


Justine Serebrin is a transformative artist, intuitive guide and entrepreneur. With her award-winning oracle deck Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, she has made her intuitive artwork available for divine guidance anywhere you go. 


Through her creation of visual and tangible paintings, she brings in high vibrational energies from the ethereal into physical existence. Her work transforms and transmutes the energy of spaces into a more harmonious and balanced state. Beyond that, her paintings are portals for meditation, helping us to set intentions to support and amplify more of what we want to experience in our lives.


Justine is passionate about inspiring others and works closely with creatives who are ready to uncover and activate their creative passion into the world to benefit the highest good for all. To learn more about how to work with her click here.