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Justine Almaraz is a native of Los Angeles. At the age of 7 her mother gave her a “how-to” face painting kit. This was the beginning of a lifetime of learning all forms of art, especially art on the body. She is the owner of the conscious tattoo shop, Earth Altar Studio in Los Angeles, and the pioneer of ‘intuitive tattooing’.


In 2020 Justine established a school for intuitive artists to learn her skills and begin to thrive as divinely devoted artists. The Intuitive Artists Institute is an online art and business school for creatives all over the world. 


With an innately seeking heart, devoted to spirituality, the vision of intuitive tattooing came about during one of her deep meditations in 2008, she saw herself in a wood-clad room looking out over the ocean, warm rays of sunshine lighting up dust particles through large windows. Justine was seated on the floor behind a woman, no one she knew in particular, and she was tattooing her back. This intimate vision held the understanding that the woman was receiving a healing from her in the form of a tattoo. From this point on Justine knew it was her divine mission to learn the art of sacred tattooing and follow the visions she was shown in her mediations. Flash forward to today, she has had hundreds of clients who travel far and wide for a tattoo from her and have taught many of the artists at her studio.


Her process has simplified over the years as she is divinely guided in each session. If you're interested in this experience you can book a session now and read more about how her process started out in her WELL + GOOD article .


Justine Almaraz specializes in intuitive tattoos. In each session, she is divinely guided to create the purest symbols infused and saturated with your intentions simply by tuning into the God/Christ consciousness frequency.

We wanted to share a few incredibly kind words from Court R. . .

This ain't your grandma's tattoo parlor nor is it an entitled brat's medi-spa. This is a place for me and you. And it's not just a place - it's a space. A space for creativity. For inspiration. For healing.

The owner, Justine, made my dream tattoo come true. I'm a walking piece of art. I call it a survival tattoo - it's a symbol of all that I have survived - so I needed someone with compassion.

Justine is a walking heart. She shines from the inside out. We did an intuitive tattoo, meaning I chose a crystal and Justine did a tarot reading with me with her own deck of cards that she hand-painted, btw. I knew I wanted a Phoenix on my shoulder. What happened is beyond my wildest imaginations. We collaborated artistically the entire time.

This is a place you go to get art. The last tattoo I got was by an egocentric guy who gave 2 shits about me. Or my pain threshold. Justine never pushed me beyond what I could tolerate. This is a very special place. If you have a tattoo you've wanted for a while and has deep meaning for you, this is the place.

Intuitive Tattoo Experiences with Justine Almaraz

Each session is divinely guided to create the purest symbols infused and saturated with your intentions simply by tuning into the God/Christ consciousness frequency. As she begins to feel the design emerging through you, she will draw the design directly on your clean skin to initiate the creative collaboration with you once you fall in love with it, she will gently begin your tattoo process ensuring your intentions and comfort along the way.

HelloGiggles Article Excerpt:

 “Although the tattoo process is intuitive, Justine makes sure to take into account what you want and what you’re feeling before she starts. In my case, that meant having the tattoo on my left forearm instead of near my heart. Yet I still went into this experience not knowing what to expect. But this whole process exceeded my expectations. Not only did I leave with a beautiful piece of artwork atop my flesh, I also left feeling secure in my power as well as listened to and heard. Even if you’re not into anything woo woo, getting an intuitive tattoo is a way to help you infuse meaning and intention to your new piece of flesh art.”

- Gabby Herstik

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