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Intuitive Tattoo Experience 

We wanted to share a few incredibly kind words from Court R. . .

This ain't your grandma's tattoo parlor nor is it an entitled brat's medi-spa. This is a place for me and you. And it's not just a place - it's a space. A space for creativity. For inspiration. For healing.

The owner, Justine, made my dream tattoo come true. I'm a walking piece of art. I call it a survival tattoo - it's a symbol of all that I have survived - so I needed someone with compassion.

Justine is a walking heart. She shines from the inside out. We did an intuitive tattoo, meaning I chose a crystal and Justine did a tarot reading with me with her own deck of cards that she hand-painted, btw. I knew I wanted a Phoenix on my shoulder. What happened is beyond my wildest imaginations. We collaborated artistically the entire time.

This is a place you go to get art. The last tattoo I got was by an egocentric guy who gave 2 shits about me. Or my pain threshold. Justine never pushed me beyond what I could tolerate. This is a very special place. If you have a tattoo you've wanted for a while and has deep meaning for you, this is the place.

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And, Jennifer S. had a really special visit . . .

I came to Justine for an intuitive tattoo consultation...What struck me first was her energy. I felt it from across the room as soon as I entered the studio. Super high vibe and stayed that way throughout our conversation. 


At the end, I felt like I was floating, yet anchored into a higher dimensional version of myself. The drive home was spent in quiet contemplation. I had been planning to call a friend but opted not to in order to just be within the feeling. I had to do my best to stay grounded in order to engage with freeway traffic. I was getting the sense of a perfectly peaceful crown chakra lotus, gently rotating overhead. An ethereal pale, clear, pinkish to lilac colored, thousand petaled lotus emanating gentle, serene energy flowing down into & through every cell of my body.  I was very excited for the intuitive tattoo session I’d scheduled with her after that meeting!