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Tongdrol · Liberation by Sight

The collection is ready to share! Master Svietliy's works from the Tongdrol exhibition are for sale to any who feel they have a wonderful new home in which this art can live. He would love to share these precious creations of his with you all. Learn more below. See what speaks to you. And, reach out with questions anytime.

Contact us with any purchase inquiries. 

Buddha Shakyamuni Statue

Clay, 24 Karat Gold

10"l x 9"w x 15"h


31 " x 43"

Green Tara

31 " x 43"

Focal Point

31 " x 43"

Mind, Body, Soul

Three Piece Triptych Collection

15 " x 11.5 " Each

Yab Yum
(Compassion and Wisdom in Union)

8.5" x 11"

Sri Yantra Map and Color Guidance

20" x 15"


15 " x 20"

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