At Earth Altar Studio, we love to genuinely connect with each and every one of you, creating a lasting, collaborative relationship. Our team is a collection of multi-talented artists working together to create a top notch experience for you.


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A Portrait of Justne Serebrin


Intuitive Artist & Owner  ·  She/Her

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Justine Serebrin is the owner and lead artist at the Studio. She is an intuitive, abstract artist (and the kindest soul we've ever met). Painting and Tattooing allow her unique style to fill each collaborator with the pure strength and peace of joyful life.


Her intuitive and mystic gifts began to surface in childhood and activated her Starseed memories. It is this connection that inspires her artwork through which she communicates and investigates the abstract yet universal language of humanity’s purpose and evolution.

A Portrait of Vickie Chiang


Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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Vickie is originally from Taiwan and came to United States for Art school. When she made the move to LA her path took a wonderful turn.

She found Earth Altar and fell into the world of tattooing. Her favorite part about being a tattoo artist is that she gets to work with different clients and listen to their unique stories. It is a job that's all about connection. Her personal style is gentle and botanical. She loves every moment of the collaborative and creative experience that is tattooing.

A Portrait of Siobhan


Custom Artist  ·  He/him

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Siobhan ( /SHaˈvän/ ) has this illustrative minimalist style that we were instantly in love with. He received his BA from UCLA after studying painting and art history, and, now he's excited to get to know you all and collaborate on some amazing art.


He really feels the power of the special connection when he creates a piece with someone for them to wear forever. He loves stretching his style to help embody all the new and unique ideas you have.



Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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We're quite honored to be a home for Adonna's incredible work. She's such a talented fine artist, and a beautifully kind and generous soul.

Her fine art work has been collected by prestigious public and private collections throughout the world. In 2012 she won the world’s largest art competition ArtPrize, competing against over 1500 artists from all around the world. Now, she is blessing the world by bringing this incredible pieces to life in tattoo form!

A Portrait of Mari Nickl

Tattoo Apprentice  ·  She/Her

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Mari is our beloved dark angel. A hapa girl, born and raised in a small town in Hawaii, she loves adventure, art, the ocean, and everything in between. She's explored every part of this industry and has a special respect for traditional style, complimented by a passion for melding this classic influence with the contemporary. When it comes to tattooing, she is finally developing her own hand at the craft under the guidance of her mentor, our owner Justine.