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At Earth Altar Studio, Justine has had the honor of apprenticing an incredible group of talented artists. Below you will see each artist Justine has taught and each one has opened their own tattoo studios! We all love to genuinely connect with each and every one of you, creating a lasting, collaborative relationship working together to create a top notch experience just for you.


Learn more and see portfolios by clicking on the instagram icons.

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Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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My name is Melissa Martell. I'm a tattoo artist and owner of The Glass Cat, a private tattoo studio in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a background in graphic design and fine art and 8 years of tattoo experience. My tattoo style is cute, bold, whimsical, and often anthropomorphic. When I’m not tattooing, I’m making art, hanging out with my partner, Jacob and our Chihuahua, Jerri.

Visit my contact page to book.

I also travel frequently to Show Pigeon Tattoo in the City of Orange, CA.

Follow me on Instagram @MelissaMartellArt



Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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Vickie is originally from Taiwan and came to United States for Art school. When she made the move to LA her path took a wonderful turn.

She found Earth Altar and fell into the world of tattooing. Her favorite part about being a tattoo artist is that she gets to work with different clients and listen to their unique stories. It is a job that's all about connection. Her personal style is gentle and botanical. She loves every moment of the collaborative and creative experience that is tattooing.

She owns her own studio in Glendale, Los Angeles. Follow her and book a tattoo.

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Custom Artist  ·  She/They

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i have been tattooing for almost six years and exploring photography for thirteen.

i currently tattoo in san diego, california and am a graduate of a spiritual direction certificate from cherry hill seminary with an emphasis in pagan and multi-faith studies. i have also completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training through sojourn healing collective and reunify yoga in san diego.

to schedule a tattoo appointment, portrait session, or buy a print, please email me: + visit my website here

A Portrait of Siobhan


Custom Artist  ·  He/him

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Siobhan ( /SHaˈvän/ ) has this illustrative minimalist style that we were instantly in love with. He received his BA from UCLA after studying painting and art history, and, now he's excited to get to know you all and collaborate on some amazing art.


He really feels the power of the special connection when he creates a piece with someone for them to wear forever. He loves stretching his style to help embody all the new and unique ideas you have.

He is co-owner of his own tattoo studio in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, @homecomingtattoo

A Portrait of Mari Nickl

Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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Mari is our beloved dark angel. A hapa girl, born and raised in a small town in Hawaii, she loves adventure, art, the ocean, and everything in between. She's explored every part of this industry and has a special respect for traditional style, complimented by a passion for melding this classic influence with the contemporary. When it comes to tattooing, she has opened her own private studio in Glendale, Los Angeles

Follow @lovelanitattoo and book a tattoo with Mari


Custom Artist  ·  She/Her

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Addonna is an incredibly talented fine artist from Burbank, Los Angeles. You can learn more about her and collect an exclusive art print from her here:

Follow Adonna's creative journey here @addonnakhare

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