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Born & raised in rural Hawaii, I am lucky to have a foundation based in diverse culture, beautiful nature, the working class, and the aloha spirit. I am self taught in art: just practice, practice, practiced for many hours with a pencil and paper. I am always learning, always striving to create better. I approach every tattoo willing myself to do everything I can to make it the best I’ve ever done, in a fun environment for the client, with open communication.


I prefer creating black and gray tattoos, with a neo-traditional influence. Tattoos with a strong outline and soft shading are my favorite; they will look amazing today but also twenty years from now. Bold will hold, always. With that said, I also push myself to create almost every type of tattoo and I am open to collaborate on custom tattoo ideas.


I love and appreciate tattooing and working with clients more than can be properly shared with words. Coming from a tiny town in the middle of the ocean, to here in LA... Because of tattooing I have my dream job, and I never forget that. Mahalo nui!


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