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Mari is down to create any and all tattoos. She loves working together to create unique artwork. Though, if there’s another artist who's focus-area may be better suited to the design you have in mind, she’ll let you know.

She’s really been enjoying bringing her personal flash designs to life, so is offering a special if one catches your eye — she’ll tattoo any of her flash designs for tip only! (She’s too nice to ask, but we recommend considering a tip between $50-$100, depending on the size of the piece. Gal’s got bills to pay.)


The minimum she asks for all other single sessions is $80. She can share an estimated price for the piece you’re envisioning, just share a few details.


Mari is available for sessions Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, mid afternoons to evenings. To set up a visit, fill out this form or DM Mari on Instagram.

She also works as a shop assistant at the iconic Classic Tattoo in Fullerton to help expand her experience and knowledge in tattooing. She's picked up some great tricks. Check out her tattoos below.