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Black and gray, strong outlines with soft details. Second-year tattooer. 

I am very respectful of traditional tattoos and tattoo history. I create quality tattoos with strong outlines that lend well to the changes our body goes through over time and that age beautifully. My designs are inspired by nostalgia, cute, spooky, and feminine motifs. 


Born & raised in rural Hawaii, I am lucky to have a foundation based in diverse culture, beautiful nature, the working class, and the aloha spirit. Growing up on an island in a rural community has given me a different perspective of life than most, specifically when handling the ups and downs of the tattoo industry and LA life. 


I have a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising and Design, and years of tattoo shop management under my belt. When it comes to the world of tattoos, I pride myself on having experience in pretty much all facets of the industry, from mopping floors, booking clients for other artists, piercing, event planning, scrubbing tubes, and working at a walk-in street shop to an appointment only based studio.


I am completely self-taught in art: just practice, practice, practiced for many hours with a pencil and paper. When you come from humble roots, often you have to work your ass off for opportunities that come to others effortlessly. I use this mentality for my career in tattooing. I am always learning, always striving to create better. I approach every tattoo willing myself to do everything I can to make it the best I’ve ever done, in a fun environment for the client, with open communication. 


I prefer creating black and gray tattoos, with a neo-traditional influence. Tattoos with a strong outline and soft shading are my favorite; they will look amazing today but also twenty years from now. Bold will hold, always. With that said, I also push myself to create almost every type of tattoo and I am open to collaborating on custom tattoo ideas.


I love and appreciate tattooing and working with clients more than can be properly shared with words. Coming from a tiny town in the middle of the ocean, to here in LA... Because of tattooing, I have my dream job, and I never forget that. Mahalo nui!


Check out her tattoos below.

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