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Guest Experience | Best Practices, Procedures and Protocol



To completely confirm your tattoo session booking, each artist asks for a non-refundable deposit in the amount specified below:

Vickie: proportional to estimated total cost (Starting at $300 up to $600)

Siobhan: proportional to estimated total cost (Starting at $100)

Mari: $100

Emma: $100

Jessie: $200

*The deposit goes toward the total cost of the tattoo




We totally understand the ups and downs of life, so if you find you do need to change your appointment date, we just kindly ask for 5 business days’ notice to have the deposit transferred from one date to the next. 

Our Studio Hours of Operation are Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable, and the following circumstances will result in the immediate forfeiture of your deposit:

  • Cancellation or rescheduling request without at least 5 business days’ notice to both the artist and booking team via email

    • Extenuating circumstances including illness will be left to the discretion of your tattoo artist.

  • Arrival of 20+ minutes later than scheduled appointment start time (regardless of notice provided to studio)

  • Not present for scheduled tattoo appointment (no-show).

  • A third rescheduling request for the same session (regardless of notice provided to studio)

  • Arrival without government-issued Identification (Driver’s License, Photo ID or Passport ONLY)

  • Excessive design or concept edits, modifications or changes at the start appointment that result in insufficient time to tattoo during the appointment



The artist’s hourly rate will take effect immediately at the scheduled appointment time for all tattooing and tattooing related services including:

  • Sanitary equipment set-up and set-up/replenishment of supplies

  • Minor design edits, changes, and resizing during appointment (excessive modifications will result in the cancellation of the appointment and deposit forfeiture)

  • Stencil application

  • Tardiness (up to 20 minutes; after 20 minutes, the session will be canceled and a new deposit must be made for a new session date)

  • Any touch-up work needed as a result of improper aftercare of the tattoo, or any touch-up work requested 12 weeks or more after the initial tattoo session



Tattoos on the hands, fingers, face and feet tattoos can fade quite a bit over the healing process and first few weeks after the initial session. Because of the rate at which skin on our hands and feet regenerates and how much sun exposure and friction these areas experience, tattoos in these places can fade more than most. They may look beautiful for years, or they may disappear entirely over a very short period of time. With how uncertain the longevity of artwork is with this placement, tattoos in these locations:


  •  Subject to declination at the sole discretion of the artist

  • If approved by artist, any touch-ups for tattoos in these locations may be subject to the artist’s full hourly rate




Normally, designs are ready to review when you arrive for your session. Our artists develop the idea for your piece close to the appointment date to help ensure all the details and ideas are fresh in their mind. At the start of your visit, you and your artist will review the design and there will be some time for small revisions to ensure everything feels absolutely right before you begin. 

  •  You are encouraged to communicate any design updates, changes, requests, etc. via email with your artist in the weeks leading up to your tattoo session date





  • Touch-up requests must be sent directly to original tattoo artist via email along with three recent photos of the fully healed tattoo within 12 weeks of the initial tattoo appointment to qualify for complimentary service

  • Touch-up requests are approved at the sole discretion of the original tattoo artist

  • Touch-up requests sent 12 weeks after the initial tattoo will be considered a tattoo refresh and will be subject to the artist’s full hourly rate





To provide the safest environment for our patrons and team, we respectfully request that no additional guests accompany you to your tattoo appointment at this time. 






In light of the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced our safety and sanitation protocols in order to best protect our clients, artists, and beloved community. In addition to strictly following all existing industry-standard procedures, we ensure that:

· All artists, staff and guests are required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including face masks at all times

· Hand sanitizer is available in common areas and at each tattooing station

· Distance between tattooing stations has increased along with the installation of dividers between each station 

· The number of tattoo sessions per day has decreased to limit client contact and potential for disease spread

· A hospital-grade air purification system has been installed in the main tattooing room. This unit cycles air several times an hour and eliminates harmful bacteria and virulent particulates.

· Pre-tattoo HIPAA-compliant waiver forms have been updated to include a COVID-19 questionnaire. 

· There will be daily sanitation of light switches, door knobs, tattooing surfaces, electronic equipment, chairs and all other high-touch surfaces with Cavicide--a powerful virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant



Ahead of your visit to the studio, please note the following:

· If you are not feeling well in the days leading up to or the day of your session, please let us know and we'll happily reschedule your appointment. Please do NOT show up if you’re sick as it puts our guests and team at risk. Please connect with the studio and your artist via email as soon as possible to reschedule your session.

· Face masks will be required to enter the studio and must be worn at all times--regardless of vaccination status. We will also have sanitized face shields available for your comfort and protection upon request.

· To best limit any potential exposure to illness, no guests will be able to accompany you during your time at the studio.


· All breaks—including water breaks— must be taken outside on the patio and physically distanced from others in the area.



  • Animals of any kind are prohibited in the tattooing area per the LA County Health Department

  • Service animals are permitted in the foyer and our outdoor patio area though they may not be left unattended

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