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1615 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


We are lucky to have a beautiful space in this beautiful world and we want to share it with everyone we can. We host Events, Long-Term Art Exhibitions, Launch Parties, Concerts, Workshops, and so much more. Learn more below. We hope to see you soon!



Come hang out with us! At the Studio, we host all sorts of events - art shows, concerts, creative workshops, generalized afternoons for merriment and drinking. We love it all. And we want you to join! We love filling our space with kind, creative people. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on upcoming events!

Want to host your own event? Let us know! We have a beautiful patio you can put to use. Learn more here.



Tattoo Flash Fundraiser

Friday, December 13th 2019

Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Logo

We're tattooing all day to arise funds for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital! Our artists will create artwork inspired by this cause and these designs will be available all day to walk-in sessions. We open up right at 12pm and folks can sign up to work with their ideal artists right then. When your turn comes about, you can choose your perfect design from those remaining and get your new tattoo while support a wonderful cause.

Justine Serebrin, Siobhan, and Mary Campbell are all taking part. More artists will be joining too! We'll be sharing the designs as the date grows near, along with details on the minimum requested donations for each piece. Come join us for the day! No better reason to call in sick to work. :)

Come the evening, we'll be debuting a new art collection by Master Svietliy and celebrating this wonderful day with drum circles, music, drinks, and so much more. Bookmark your calendar! Don't miss this year-end gathering. It'll one of the most magical nights of the year.

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The Opening of TONGDROL


Saturday, December 14th 2019 from 5-8pm

This will be a night to remember. We are so excited for you all to see Svietliy's new exhibition! In his own words, he wanted to share the message below //

When you see a piece of sacred art you have the seed of Enlightenment placed in your heart. In Tibetan, this is called "Tongdrol" meaning "Liberation by Sight." Sacred art offers guidance and hope. It is the language we use to speak to the universe. This is the artwork I have created, and I am honored to share it with you all.

In Sacred Buddhist art, correct measurements are incredibly important and respected. From this, Sacred Geometry was born. With the influence and guidance of Sutra and Tantra traditions, these shapes and their proportions were developed over many centuries and are very important in Buddhist artwork.

Most Buddhist art functions as "rten" (literally translated as “supports”). The artwork is a physical embodiment of enlightenment. This art comes in the form of sacred statues, buildings (stupas), and scriptures. Paintings that depict enlightened beings in their bodily form are considered sku rten (body supports). Yantras are another form this sacred art can take.

Yantras are quite complex and personal. A Yantra is a Sacred Symbol - a sort of plan that exists for you within the Universe. Yantras have been used as tools for awakening consciousness for thousands of years. The Yantra is an external representation of your inner process of spiritual unfolding. It is the hidden music of the universe made visible. Yantra is the language with which we speak to the Universe.

For a sacred object to fully function as rten it has to be ceremonially imbued with the spirit of enlightenment by means of a ritual consecration ceremony (rab gas). I have spent the past months creating sacred artwork blessed in this way.

Join me on December 14th to engage with these new paintings, sculptures, and Yantras. I am so happy to invite you to see my works and let the Seed of Enlightenment be placed in Your Heart.

- Master Svietliy

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A Summer Bash

Spring/Summer 2019

Lauren Shelburne will be taking over the studio walls for a month with her beautiful photographs that explore the lives of local musicians. Better yet, to launch the collection, the opening night will feature live music by many of the artists in her images! Music, food, drinks, readings - we're throwing our biggest bash of the year to kick off the warm weather.. So excited!!