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Bring your truest self to the surface. Visit us to create something new. Engage with innovative art. We want to infuse creativity and love into your powerful existence.

We hope to help you express and enhance yourself in every way. Let's connect and create something beautiful together. Explore this digital presence of ours and we hope to say hello in person soon. We can't wait to meet you.

We're here to create a welcoming home for creativity in the most personable and ecologically friendly way we can. We love getting to know you and your artistic soul. Each day in our space holds something special. The garden, the music, the people — we love it here and can't wait to share our home with you.

We have a team of talented custom artists who live to collaborate and bring one-of-kind work to life. Learn more about them!

Earth Altar Studio's Golden Studio
Earth Altar Studio's Golden Tattoo Machine

Our artists take pride in working with you to ensure your dream tattoo comes to life. Whether you already have a unique idea you're envisioning, or want to entrust one of our artists with the emergence of a special design made just for you, you'll be in wonderful hands with Justine, Vickie, Siobhan, Mari, Emma or Jessie.  Each have their own unique style. You'll love your new art!


We host guests artists too! Always keep an eye out for some fresh work from the Studio. After your session, check out our healing guide. Follow those steps to ensure your new tattoo heals perfectly.

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