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Infusing creativity and love into your powerful existence.

Open for appointments ONLY and online Zoom consultations. Just call or text us to schedule!


Our studio uses vegan tattoo ink and sustainable/eco-friendly supplies. We uphold hospital-grade hygiene practices to ensure the most clean, sanitary, and safe environment for you to be consciously tattooed in. 


We have reopened our doors in a new studio in a new part of town! Now located within the Spring Arts Towers in Downtown Los Angeles! 


Let's connect and create something beautiful together. Explore this digital presence of ours and we hope to say hello in person soon. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Our new studio is very private and located in the Spring Arts Tower in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We would love to create something special for you and look forward to meeting you.


You are invited to leave us a message via text here:

747-900-1385 and we will reply to you as soon as possible! 

Earth Altar Studio's Silver Leaves
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Our artists take pride in working with you to ensure your dream tattoo comes to life. Whether you already have a unique idea you're envisioning, or want to entrust one of our artists with the emergence of a special design made just for you,

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We host guest artists, too! Always keep an eye out for some fresh work from the Studio. To inquire about a guest tattoo spot at Earth Altar Studio.


We look forward to meeting you! 

Complete the application:  click here


Justine loves teaching the art of tattooing in both her intuitive style and in a multitude of other styles. Her goal is to help you discover your own style and serve the world with your creative gifts to the fullest. She has limited availability to teach and 2024 may be her last year to do so. To inquire and apply click here. 

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Whether you want to explore new intuitive, artistic techniques or learn to become a conscious tattoo artist, this is the place to be. Join us and become the conscious, intuitive creator you were always meant to be.


Here, you'll find a sanctuary for creative self-actualization and artistic growth.


Together, we will:


❌ Break the chains keeping your creative DNA dormant

❌ End the financial struggle with your art

❌ Done with your art blending in with everyone else?


🦋 Overcome the barriers stifling your creativity.

🦋 Discover how to define your own intuitive, natural and unique art style

🦋 Learn to STAND OUT, can be found and recognized!

🦋 Learn a new way to maximize your creativity to serve others deeply and meaningfully.


✅ Learn tools, strategies, and experimental techniques to activate the most creative parts of your being.


✅ Tap into your intuitive artist and bring your most epic creative visions to life.


Click here to JOIN!

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We host special fundraiser events featuring different organizations. Justine and other selected artists from all over the world create collections of art to support different causes around the globe. 


Click here to join us in our community group and get full access to our exhibitions and creative fundraising events. 

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