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Vickie grew up in Taiwan, with a love for art and nature always present in her life. She came to California when she was just 19 and began studying illustrative fine art in San Francisco. What followed was a beautiful path through textile design work and travels along the west coast until she joined the Earth Altar Studio family. She has been a part of our hearts since she first began tattooing, and we are so incredibly glad she found the perfect medium to showcase her immeasurable talents.


Her favorite part about being a tattoo artist is that she gets to work with different clients and listen to their unique stories. It is a job that’s very personal. She custom creates unique art for you all and it will be on your bodies forever. In her own words - "I truly feel their trust, for which I am so grateful. To know my art is being loved by so many is a beautiful feeling. I give a lot of respect to my client’s tattoo experience at our studio. Tattooing itself can be painful, but the collaborative and creative experience as a whole should be everything but.

Simple serenity is present in every facet of her art. With such a heavy influence from nature, each piece is grounded in something more powerful and beautiful than the chaos and fears that exist in the world around us. We find this calm beauty to be increasingly important in these times. It's wonderful how Vickie creates each piece to help her clients heal. That were the extra bit of beauty stems from in her creations.

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