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This kind, talented, powerful soul spent three short days in late May of 2019. We hope she will be returning soon! Until then, you can learn about her amazing work below and give her a follow in case you two are ever in the same neck of the woods.

Her tattoos are beyond gorgeous, and personalized in truly important ways. She practices sacred tattooing, aligning with you on a special design that was meant for you and closing each session with Reiki Healing to ensure the entire experience is transformative in every way.


In Nörali's Words -

For me, tattooing is a ritual where I am granted the permission to incorporate what the person wants to express in their temple,


When drawing, I let myself be guided by my intuition,  inspiring me in the sacred geometry, ancient symbols and in nature, Each ceremony is unique and special, I like to close each one with a reiki session and energetic cleansing. I believe in the power of energy, I believe in intuition and I believe in the ceremony  of Handpoke tattoo.