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1615 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


We are lucky to have a beautiful space in this beautiful world and we want to share it with everyone we can. We host Events, Long-Term Art Exhibitions, Launch Parties, Concerts, Workshops, and so much more. Learn more below. We hope to see you soon!



Come hang out with us! At the Studio, we host all sorts of events - art shows, concerts, creative workshops, generalized afternoons for merriment and drinking. We love it all. And we want you to join! We love filling our space with kind, creative people. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on upcoming events!

Want to host your own event? Let us know! We have a beautiful patio you can put to use. Learn more here.


Friday the 13th Flash Day!

Friday, March 13th

Art for all! Friday the 13th is always such an incredible day. So many new faces. So many new tattoos. Mark your calendars! We're joining the fun with flash tattoos all day! More details to come!

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Saturday, March 14th

A Gallery Showing

Join us at Earth Altar Studio for an incredible, multi-medium installation by Jessie Coleman! There will be music, free drinks, and a new world of installation and photography artwork in which you can lose yourself and find yourself alongside an empowering, connected community.

The relationship between performer and audience is something Jessie has explore for some time. Auditory responses pass from one body to another allowing large groups to inhabit the same interior sound space.

This is a mode of communication - one that passes back and forth from performer to audience, changing, recalibrating, weirding the message...whether through musical performance, dance, theater, or performance art.

Jessie's understanding of the audience has come through dance and acting - internal dialogues expressed and captured - something that started when she was very young enveloped in a coordinated mass of vibrating bodies. She looks to put her camera at the epicenter of those colliding energies.

Jessie Coleman is a photographer and actor living in New York City. Jessie has been touring with and photographing performers for nearly a decade.

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A Summer Bash

June 2020

Lauren Shelburne will be taking over the studio walls for a month with her beautiful photographs that explore the lives of local musicians. Better yet, to launch the collection, the opening night will feature live music by many of the artists in her images! Music, food, drinks, readings - we're throwing our biggest bash of the year to kick off the warm weather.. So excited!!