Safety and Sanitation Protocol

In light of the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced our safety and sanitation protocols in order to best protect our clients, artists, and beloved community. In addition to strictly following all existing industry-standard procedures, we ensure that:

· All artists and staff are required to wear all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including masks, face shields, gloves and aprons at all times

· Only one artist and one guest will be allowed in the studio at any given time.

· Daily body temperature and pulse oximeter checks will be administered to both artists and clients along with a confidential symptoms of Illness and exposure questionnaire

· Hand sanitizer is available in common areas and at each tattooing station

· Distance between tattooing stations has increased along with the installation of dividers between each station 

· The number of tattoo sessions per day has decreased to limit client contact and potential for disease spread

· A hospital-grade air purification system has been installed in the main tattooing room. This unit cycles air several times an hour and eliminates harmful bacteria and virulent particulates.

· Pre-tattoo HIPAA-compliant waiver forms have been updated to include a comprehensive COVID-19 questionnaire. 

· There will be hourly sanitation of light switches, door knobs, tattooing surfaces, electronic equipment, chairs and all other high-touch surfaces with Cavicide--a powerful virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant

Ahead of your visit to the studio, please note the following:

· If you are not feeling well in the days leading up to or the day of your session, please let us know and we'll happily reschedule your appointment.

· Masks will be required to enter the studio and face shields must be worn at all times. We will sanitize the face shield upon your arrival while you sanitize your phone.

· To best limit any potential exposure to illness, NO guests will be able to accompany you during your time at the studio.

· The studio will send a text once your artist is ready to begin your session. There will be no foyer seating available at this time.

· Upon entry, the client's temperature will be taken. Should the temperature exceed 99.9, the session will be rescheduled

· Clients must wash their hands upon entry, sanitize their phone and put on a face shield (shields will be sanitized immediately after use AND directly in front of the client to best ensure cleanliness).

· All breaks—including water breaks— must be taken outside on the patio and physically distanced from others in the area.