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1615 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


At Earth Altar Studio, we love to genuinely connect with each and every one of you, creating a lasting, collaborative relationship. Our team is a collection of multi-talented artists working together to create a top notch, transformational experience for you.


Learn more and see portfolios by clicking a photo!

A Portrait of Justne Serebrin

Justine Serebrin is the owner and lead artist at the Studio. She is an intuitive, abstract artist (and the kindest soul we've ever met). Painting and Tattooing allow her unique style to fill each collaborator with the pure strength and peace of joyful life.


Her intuitive and mystic gifts began to surface in childhood and activated her Starseed memories. It is this connection that inspires her artwork through which she communicates and investigates the abstract yet universal language of humanity’s purpose and evolution.

Founder & Intuitive Artist  ·  She/Her


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A Portrait of Vickie Chiang

Vickie is originally from Taiwan and came to United States for Art school. When she made the move to LA her path took a wonderful turn.

She found Earth Altar and fell into the world of tattooing. Her favorite part about being a tattoo artist is that she gets to work with different clients and listen to their unique stories. It is a job that's all about connection. Her personal style is gentle and botanical. She loves every moment of the collaborative and creative experience that is tattooing.

Custom Artist  ·  She/Her


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A Portrait of Master Svietliy

Master Svietliy is a Master of Sacred Symbols & Life Changing Hand Poke Tattoos. He has been a hand poke tattoo artist for more than five years. With his family, he has traveled around the world to help people become happier and healthier.


Through his work infused with sacred symbology, he’ll help you attract love, harmony, and consciousness. He wants you to reach your goals and find your way to self realization, protection, and the development of your feminine-masculine energies in balance. Click here to view his work and learn more.

Sacred Artist  ·  He/Him


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A Portrait of Siobhan


Siobhan ( /SHaˈvän/ ) has this illustrative minimalist style that we were instantly in love with. He received his BA from UCLA after studying painting and art history, and, now he's excited to get to know you all and collaborate on some amazing art.


He really feels the power of the special connection when he creates a piece with someone for them to wear forever. He loves stretching his style to help embody all the new and unique ideas you have.

Custom Artist  ·  He/him


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Michael going to be guesting with us from the east coast - New York City. He'll only be in LA for a short while, but we cannot wait for you all to see the incredibly black work and geometric art he creates. Explore his portfolio. It's all gorgeous.

He's going to be at the studio January 23-25th. Let's set aside an afternoon for you two to create something incredibly together!

Custom Artist  ·  He/Him

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Alex has a truly one-of-a-kind energy about her. Such warmth, and passion, and balance. Her work holds an incredibly unique beauty that we think you'll instantly connect with.

She is a guest artist here with us, and is available until February 5th! Come experience a unique sort of magic with her and bring about a special, new tattoo together!

Custom Artist ·  She/Her // They/Them

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A Portrait of Mickey Olvera

Mickey is our Studio piercer and tattoo removal specialist. She is a licensed professional body piercer who works with all ages - infants and up. With her medical background, she takes pride in her craft and offers a fast, friendly and professional experience.


She has been working int the industry for over a decade, and has an abundance of experience, advice, and support to offer. She is always a text away if you have questions. Come Pierce your Soul with her! Visit her Instagram and Yelp page to learn more.

Body Piercer ·  She/Her


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A Portrait of Mari Nickl

Mari is our beloved dark angel. She keeps our space in tip-top shape, and always has a great story to share. A hapa girl, born from Japanese and German descent and raised in a little town in Hawaii, she loves art, nature, adventure, and everything in between. She's explored every party of this industry and has  a special respect for the old-school world complimented by a passion for melding the classic and the contemporary. When it comes to tattooing and piercing, she knows all there is to know and can ensure you feel completely at ease as you collaborate with our team to bring something amazing to life.

Assistant Manager  ·  She/Her


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A Portrait of Matthew Hendrix

Matt grew up in the midwestern suburbs and has now called Los Angeles home for three years. Stemming from an educational and professional background in digital media and content production,  he loves highlighting the talents and passions of our wonderful community of artists.


He helps oversee all the odds and ends around the Studio and keeps up our digital presence. He's the guy trying to come up with witty captions on Instagram from time to time. He even made this little website and is writing this bio right now...meta.

Marketing Director ·  He/Him


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