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Earth Altar Studio

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Vitamin Injections


We won't be hosting Happy Hour on Thursday, 5/24, but we'll be back in full swing on the 31st!

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We wanted to create a fun, healthy way to kick-off the weekend! (Preparing you for whatever sort of weekend may ensue.)


Stop by the Studio on Thursday evening, starting 4/26, for some shots! We'll have B12 Vitamin Injections at the ready for a great deal. You'll be ready to take on the weekend. :)

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Earth Altar Studio now has Vitamin Injections!


Weekly Vitamin Injections are a simple and effective way to increase your energy levels, activate weight loss, and strengthen your immune system. Nearly 90% of people are deficient in one or more nutrients - some of the most common being vitamins B12, C, and D, iron and calcium.

Injections are far more effective than vitamins-by-mount, avoiding the diluting process of digestion and entering directly into the blood stream.


We are currently offering B12 shots- boost your physical energy, elevate your metabolic rate, and ease fatigue. B12 shots are a great pick-me-up, they help you recover from a long day and a regular B12 shot can be key in ideal immune system function.

Begin your transformation or simply elevate your physical and mental health. Email, DM, text or call to schedule.

Ask your doctor how vitamin injections may affect you before giving them a try. Injections are administered by our Registered Nurse and laser hair removal technician Shelley.


// $35 per injection \\