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Earth Altar Studio

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About Us

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Inspired by Love + Creative Expression

The foundation of Earth Altar Studio is a one-of-a-kind tattoo parlor, but we're so much more. We root ourselves in the desire to be a sacred, cosmic vortex of love, healing, creativity, and transformation - offering a variety of transformational services in addition to creative, custom tattoos. The details of the studio bring this to life: Our teas are organic loose-leaf blends with intention and herbal healing qualities. The studio uses recycled and biodegradable products wherever possible and we try to keep our footprint as low as possible. 

Our services like cosmetic and medical tattooing and laser hair removal make life easier in many ways for us to free ourselves from this limited, imperfect form. The procedures simplify our daily tasks, minimize our routines, and help make room in our lives and minds for the things that truly matter to us. Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to do your makeup in the morning, or shave your body hair, you could use that time to dream a little longer, or create something, or do something you love! These services, even regular custom tattoos, help bring the inner soul self closer to the skin surface, hence making our bodies our Earth Altars.

Culture and Products

We believe in creating an open, welcoming space for all human beings of all ages to freely express themselves. We strive to create products that are healthy and intentionally created with love as our foundation. 

Earth-Friendly Practices

We use eco-friendly products whenever possible. From our soaps, cleaning supplies, paper towels, to toilet seat covers. We are conscious and mindful in each everything we do at Earth Altar Studio.

Giving Back

Earth Altar Studio's artists work closely with Survivors Ink, Planned Parenthood and Mission Blue. 

"Survivor's Ink exists to raise awareness and to empower human trafficking victims by breaking the psychological chains of enslavement through beautifying, removing or covering their physical scars, markings and brandings that are constant reminders of a violent past." -