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Earth Altar Studio




Professional Body Piercer + Tattoo Removal Technician

Mickey is a professionally licensed body piercer as well as EliminInk certified tattoo removal specialist. With her medical background (she’s a medical assistant by day), she takes pride in her crafts and offers a fast, friendly and professional experience in the studio.

As a piercer she specializes in everything from dermals to first time piercing clients such as infants and toddlers. As a tattoo removal technician she utilizes non-laser techniques to help lighten or completely remove your unsightly/unwanted tattoos in a safe and relaxing environment. So come get a quote for your tattoo removal lightening and/or removal and definitely come Pierce Your Soul with Mickey and get that piercing you’ve been dying to have!


Piercings (Price comes with jewelry):

  • $50 - Nostril, Lip, Monroe, Vertical Labret, Naval, Tongue, Lobe, Upper Cartilage, Forward Helix, Rook, Daith, Snug, Conch, Tragus
  • $60 - Web, Industrial, Dermals, Septum, Smiley
  • $120 ($80 for one) Nipples
  • $164 Infants/Children 10 and Younger Lobes (includes solid gold jewelry, aftercare and are by appointment only)

*Piercings below the belt (and infants) are by appointment ONLY text Mickey for prices

Tattoo Removal

  • $200 per 3" x 3" section