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Earth Altar Studio

Justine Serebrin


Justine Serebrin

Justine is the owner and creator of Earth Altar Studio. The idea for a magical studio like this initially was shown to Justine during a mediation 10 years ago, she was creating healing, transformative tattoos in a beautiful studio space over looking the ocean. At the time, she knew little about tattooing and felt that this vision was a path she was destined to and in 2016, she opened her all inclusive studio, Earth Altar in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.  

Justine's work is infused with deep intentions, crystal energy and her own intuitive cards, The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, which are read for each client prior to receiving a sacred tattoo. It is her goal to use the ancient art of tattooing, derived from our earliest ancestors and return it to its magical, healing and empowering nature.

Justine's tattoos and paintings are inspired by nature and her shamanic journey visions and uses this intuitive, organic imagery in her design language. She is working on a complete deck of Intuitive cards which will be printed and available for all to use and work with very soon.


You can view more of Justine's work on her Instagram.