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Earth Altar Studio

Intuitive Services


By Justine

A safe, sacred space for tattoo ceremony and ritual. Intentional, intuitive, abstract symbolic designs created to move energy and evoke healing and transformation. Ink and crystals used for tattooing are infused with moon energy and your own powerful intentions. Each session is guided by a personalized intuitive card reading by Justine.

$250 Flat Fee + $300 Hourly Rate For Tattooing

*Pricing may differ for appointments booked prior to 2.16.18

What's Included in the full Sacred Intuitive Tattoo Ritual:
- Sage, Loose Leaf Tea and a Consultation
- Crystal Intention Activation (Choose your Crystal)
- Rainbow Activation Reading
- Personal Sacred Symbol Creation Ceremony
- Tattoo Transmission and your transformation.


Justine offers sacred spiritual readings in-person and digitally. She works with her magically manfested Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck to dive deep into your shared connection and unpack the energy within you. If you need to transform, heal or expand - Justine is the perfect guide to connect with.

Rainbow Activation Reading + Crystal Intention Activation

In Person or Virtual reading, discussion and crystal activation (leave with an energized crystal)!

20 minutes ($97)

60 minutes ($250)


Personal Sacred Symbol Creation Ceremony

With the energy explored in your reading, Justine creates a sacred symbol that will be drawn or painted for you to keep. (Takes place after Rainbow Activation Reading + Crystal Intention Activation)

An Additional $195


Sacred Activated Artwork

You can browse and purchase Justine's sacred, intuitively created artwork on her website!



Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.45.58 PM.png


by Taylor Epstein RN, MSN


Karuna translates to "compassionate" in Sanskrit; something Taylor believes, as a representative of the healing arts and a healthcare worker, is a necessity. A native of Southern California and a world traveler, Taylor is a practitioner in the science and art of healing.

A registered nurse with a Master’s degree in nursing, she has deep knowledge and experience in traditional medicine for healing and pain management. In addition, Taylor’s 11-year passion for yoga is rooted in her belief in the mind, body and spiritual benefits she sees from her own yoga practice. With her radiance, intuitive energy and strength, Taylor will ultimately change the world of health and wellness one patient, one student at a time.



Taylor's private meditation, breathwork and healing sessions are highly individualized and aim to allow the student to break-through any energy blocks holding you back from living a joy filled life. These breathwork and meditation exercises are tools that can be used in everyday life to help ease anxiety, reduce stress, and provide overall balance in your life. Understanding and being open to receiving such guidance has the ability to provide great healing and balance in one’s life.

$150 1 to 1.5 Hours / $360 Package of 3 Sessions


Taylor received her Reiki level I & II training in 2014. Energy healing is something Taylor strongly believes in, whether it is self-healing or to others. She believes it needs to be brought to the forefront of our Western Medical society.

$175 45min to 1 hour Reiki Session / $420 Package of 3 Sessions