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Earth Altar Studio

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Back Patio Event Space // Rental Information Sheet

Earth Altar Studio has a serene event space perfectly suited for how-to workshops, wellness classes, musical performances and a variety of other events. We welcome all to host their own events in this space! We love expanding our creative community and sharing this beautiful patio. A few details on our rental set-up are noted here. The Studio provides easy access to this back patio, our custom designed furniture, promotional support for your event (reaching over 6,000 people across platforms), and additional amenities. All ticket and product sale revenue is yours to keep. We know the positive, collaborative energy of the studio will bring renewed life to the exciting endeavors you’re planning. We’d love to collaborate, and support our fellow small business owners here in Los Angeles. Come join us at the Altar!

Have a question, or want to request a rental date? Send us an email! We’d love to chat.